David is a super connector. As a natural implementor he draws on his deep experience in team building, training and technology.  He is accomplished as a project manager with an emphasis on business development, marketing and promotion. 

In his early career, David trained at the United States Coast Guard Academy, and remains an avid sailor. This experience has led to a prolific career involving hundreds of businesses and  diverse leadership consulting in the corporate arena. David has led sports teams, spearheaded leadership programs and  environmental efforts, and worked as a business consultant for numerous bars and restaurants, live events, non-profits, and community and art programs. 

As Chief Discovery Officer, David brings Cloud Financial to our clients to help discover what is needed and create a path to success under any conditions, no matter how severe - whether mitigating natural disasters, or allowing large scale outdoor events in remote areas to thrive, or designing custom solutions for complex business problems. David lives in Brooklyn, NY where he works every day toward creating a global impact. 


A prolific musician, entrepreneur and creator, Brian exists in the forefront of the creative business and media landscape in New York City & beyond.

In addition to being keenly in-tune with social trends, tech advances and corporate workflow, Brian has quantified experience in producing and managing large events and music festivals, improving video + social media strategy and archiving practices, and growing businesses with an unprecedented, human approach firmly rooted in transformational technology and integrity. 

Brian is fluent in all industry-standard creative and business software and holds the deep technical knowledge of a 10+ year professional career in video, audio and event production.

Brian now works with a wide, constantly renewed focus on creating impactful projects across multiple disciplines. As the Music and Live Events Principal for Coptium, Brian is analyzing the big picture and fixing gaps in this fragmented sector, as well as helping clients overcome fears, understand the value of their work, and move projects toward stability and growth. 

Brian lives in Brooklyn, NY and outside of his professional experience, is a bold adventurer, a music lover and a dynamic spirit.


John Morse is an outcome-focused, dedicated, and accomplished professional, with proven track record of success in maximizing business growth. 


John has impactful experience developing and maintaining strong client relations, and overseeing focused sales programs and strategies. His skills and experience from leading multimillion-dollar budgets and spearheading top-performing sales teams have allowed him to become a versatile and strategic business leader with well-defined business acumen and unparalleled analytical and communication skills. 


Equipped with prolific abilities and hands-on experience in growing market share and increasing profits, John is a fast-learner; armed with powerful problem resolution, coordination, and selling abilities.